New Year’s Resolution

December 31, 2009

100 people for dinner in 2010.

My New Year’s resolution is to have 100 people over for dinner this year. That’s just 8.3 per month or 1.9 per week. However, take out the weeks I’ll be working evenings and weekends with Family Tree (hopefully) at an average 1-2 weeks a month, a month in the summer for major de-/construction, extra busy times at work equivalent of one month—that takes away exactly half the year. I’d better get going.
It struck me that I have not had anyone over for dinner in a while. A long while actually, since early summer at least. No, it was spring, before I rented the dumpster and removed a whole bathroom. That’s when the dust hung in the air so heavy photo flash couldn’t reach the target. That’s when I swept and dusted a dozen times only to have another layer of plaster dust settle hours later. That’s when I got to thinking the house was getting the better of me. That’s when I gave up on guests.

Today I attacked the dusting and mopping once again today—Cinderella-style this time with a bucket and sponges on the floor. Japanese custom is to do spring cleaning right before New Year’s so you can make a fresh start. This is my fresh start.


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