#1-#5 Baked Campanella and Last Word

January 1, 2010

Since I hadn’t told anyone my plan, I thought of backing out as I headed to the homestead for traditional New Year’s fare. Mom had black eyed peas and cornbread (“Eat poor on New Year’s to eat rich all year long.”), spinach greens (the color of money and health) and ham (symbol of our blessings material and otherwise) for the twelve towners and out-of-town relatives gathered at her house. I admire Mom and Dad’s hospitality each Sunday lunch for whoever comes and for the Grands who live with them and for all other family who often come to visit. I get my cooking-for-people fix on Sundays with Mom and other evenings in her kitchen. I told her about the 100 People project first.

Before I knew it, I invited my cousins who were visiting from Arkansas, South Carolina and St. Croix over for dinner.

I was a little nervous to set the table that now sits where a bathroom formerly sat. The plumbing is all capped neatly under the house, but the holes in the flooring are just covered with plywood. Could be a problem. Also, the light in the bathroom is not working yet, but I strung a floor lamp in there so I think it will be fine.

Baked pasta with Italian sausage (like lasagna, but with twisty pasta) is the entree. Apparently I am out of butter, so I tried mozzarella on toast instead. Last WordIt didn’t work well enough to do again, but we ate it just fine. I served cold coconut rice, pineapple and whipped cream for an island-inspired dessert.

We opened a new game called Last Word. After rather tedious directions, it turned out to be a fast and fun game–a faster Scattergories with cards.

#1 Amy P.
#2 Jonathan P.
#3 Katie P.
#4 Joey P.
#5 Hannah P.


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