#6-#7 Tex Mex Chicken Chowder

January 2, 2010

We were working on the fan and lights (still) when Hannah called and told me she was meeting a couple friends and asked if she could bring them for a late dinner to help jump start my project. I knew one of the girls already and was happy to have them. We have joked that I do not know 100 people, that I will need help bring people in–in truth, I do know 100 people, but I know I will feel weird about asking some of them over.

That’s part of the point of the project, though, the asking. Me and them both open to sharing a meal, a small gift of time together.

Dad and I worked on the lights all day, three trips to Home Depot and blown fuses and no electrocutions later, I finally have lights in the bathroom and walk in closet. This is more exciting to me than it will be impressive to anyone else, of course, but Dad and I are quite proud. I did feed him lunch, so maybe that should count as another person, but I will have him over for a real meal later I’m sure.

I put my favorite soup on after Brownie Biscottihe left and mixed up some brownies. My bright idea to put the brownies in a muffin tin didn’t work out great–they got done too soon and as they cooled became rock hard. On a positive note, I learned how to make chocolate biscotti.

We ate and laughed and told stories about boys and other things. It’s been great to have Hannah here both nights so far; since she lived with me for a while, she knows where everything is in the kitchen. I think I learned to love cooking for someone else from cooking for her.

#6 Ashley C.
#7 Jessica F.
Hannah P.


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