#11-#16 Weeknight friend assortment

January 25, 2010

I don’t go out on school nights. But when I turned over my new leaf and considered my one friend in particular who has an impossible weekend schedule, I made the choice to have people over on a Monday. Turns out, that person was double booked for tonight too and I was afraid he would cancel. (I was glad he didn’t.) I’ll just set two alarms tonight and have Teresa call me if I don’t text her in the morning.

So, I had them come at 6:00, but dinner wasn’t ready til after 6:30. Not great planning on my part, but I did have to dust on top of tall furniture before they came. If you know Teresa, Ahdy or David, then me, you’ll understand why. The guests did not really know each other and I was a little worried when they all arrived and we stood around for a while. Once we sat down to eat, though, conversation started to work like we all were great friends. We even lingered after dessert longer than I thought.

Here’s a tip: You shouldn’t practice a recipe. I confess I practiced the sauce I was to make for dinner tonight one night last week. I hadn’t made it like this before and I didn’t want to have to pay attention to a recipe while I had people here.  At the practice the sauce was mushroom-creamy-delicious; however, when I made it tonight with people standing around, it was runny and not mushroomy enough. It tasted fine and everyone ate it, but it did not do Julie, nor Julia (nor Mona Lisa Smile) justice. Julia did say, “Never apologize” so maybe she wouldn’t mind.

My closest friend Teresa and her husband Ahdy brought a cheesecake of which I loved the crust and the topping and everyone else enjoyed the cheese and cake (sweets are not my thing). I gave their 6-month-old son Jonah some whipped topping which he liked (going down and coming up). I have to say he was a great guest–the cooing on demand and staring contest were nice. I’m definitely asking him over again. Besides, he lets me kiss him. He is a good baby for people who aren’t around babies much, or maybe I just think that because I’m his favorite aunt. (Get your own blog, real aunts!) I’m hoping to swing a trip with them to Egypt this summer so we chatted about that some. It’s good to have friends I know will go along with all my haphazard schemes including antique tubs from rabbit farms and inviting myself on their family vacations. I’m blessed that they always make time for me. Turned out I was the only person at the table who has ever ridden a camel.

Evan finally got his Christmas present from me–I think I will always try to make him something for Christmas because I think he gets it.  This gift was specifically designed for his clepto-roommate. He noticed some of the notes I had written to (of) myself on the fridge–that’s something I appreciate. And he thinks there’s something to this Motown thing.

Christy was a fortuitous late addition. I literally stopped by Flatrock for a coffee to-go to see if she could come. I had to stop her from doing dishes–that is a lovely servant heart. Next time, she’s bringing coffee.

David commented approvingly on my choice of music which made me happy (I saw him browse my stack of recently played albums too)–I have to say I am self-conscious about music around people who know music. But hey, I like what I like. He’s also nicer than a stepladder for high shelves and has other endearing qualities I’m learning.

Mondays may not be the new Fridays, but I will be giving them more credit from now on.

#11 Christy R.
#12 David D.
#13 Evan M.
#14 Ahdy T.
#15 Teresa T.
#16 Jonah T.


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