#17-#18 Rearranged due to snow and ice

January 30, 2010

If perspiration were socially acceptable, I’d be happy to have some variation of summer year-round. That said, when it snows, I’m transfixed by the otherworldly silence and unusual beauty of cold weather. Despite the splendor of once-every-decade snowfall and the merriment of neighborhood sledding on nearby hills, I was disappointed to postpone the dinner with friends planned for tonight. (This is the one I planned two weeks ago and feared something would come up!)

Turns out my parents were itching to get out of the house, so I invited them to come by this afternoon if they could get here. Actually, I was trying to ease my own cabin fever. Dad had a stew in the crockpot already, so they went ahead and brought that over to share for a late lunch. I finished it up on the stove and we ate it with pita bread. I know I didn’t cook for them, and we debated about whether this meal should count in the 100. I’m counting it–this whole thing is about company and they make great company. We talked about family stuff, construction plans, the old and new neighborhoods and the HGTV contest. Mom reminded me that I told her once upon a time she was not allowed to just drop by without calling. I’ll amend that instruction and say give me about five minutes–I don’t always pick up my clothes, but I do want you to come over.

They couldn’t wait to sign the 100 people book. I love my family.

#17 Sue L.
#18 Earl L.


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