#19-#23 Sunday Dinner

January 31, 2010

I’ve been at this one month and only had one meltdown. Is this easier or more difficult than I thought it would be? Yes.

Because I had the ingredients and want-to for dinner last night that I had to postpone, I offered to host lunch today for those who were left standing around after church. I was fine with people coming or not coming–I’d mentally prepared for each, in turn. Jerry decided home cooking would indeed be better and I was delighted. Then, my mind raced to think about a meal for ten instead of five!

I enlisted Katie and Daniel for a quick trip to the store and assigned duties at the house. Some guys stopped for bread and dessert (which I didn’t have from last night because someone else was to bring them). Holly and Katie ran the kitchen like pros and we got two dishes of Cheesy Goodness and garlic bread in the oven smoothly, if not quickly. I’m a believer in self-serve drinks; really, I think most people can pour their own drinks if you put out cups and ice. Is this bad hostessing?

Tip #3 (are you keeping track?): Have more than one host at a party of five or more. For instance, they can tell people where the bathroom is–in this house, it’s hard to tell sometimes. I was glad a few of these guests could act as hosts on my behalf–Daniel, for sure, is good at keeping an eye on the fire and ice, so to speak.  The library (light) and red room (dark) were the hot spots to hang out before lunch where I took several two-shots of the Foxymorons in the dueling red chairs. I overheard some fascinating talk of what an artists’ collective of some sort could be like. Priscilla aptly chose the first mood music for the day and I liked how Cheyenne couldn’t help but sing along to it. It was almost restful to have people here who I suspect enjoy small joys and likewise small inconveniences.

The food came off great. It was a version of Mom’s Cheesy Goodness which is, after all, an alternate version of itself every time. With the kids’ table and scattered chairs, everyone was able to more or less eat at a table. I’ve yet to figure out seating for the renovated room to-be. What do you think–a bar, a breakfast nook, couch plus loveseat plus chair?  I’ll probably go with more living room seating and try to squeeze in an island (peninsula?) bar, but I’m open to suggestions.

Another thing I’m lacking at the moment is a full size coffeemaker. Being a heretofore solitary and satisfied person, I have a diminutive coffeemaker I hardly ever use thanks to the teacher mail room and Flatrock Cafe. It likes to call itself a five-cup–I let it just so as not to hurt it’s feelings. Today, I rolled with the clumsy brewing two-and-a-half cups at a time for complement to chocolate cookie and tiramisu ice cream. Good choices, men. Some of us drank coffee with tiramisu as creamer.

We all gathered in the living area–and played with the MoMA tangle toy while we talked (that sounds racier than it is. I mean, it’s not racy at all). They gave me suggestions about the 100 People project and the blog itself. Perhaps I should use product placement in hopes of sponsorship. Some think 100 will be a piece of cake; maybe they are the types who regularly have 100 different people over, but I am not. Yet. I think it was Sean who suggested there be some culmination with a celebrity as the 100th guest. Musicians, actors (past and present), authors and even a politician were tossed around. Bob Vila could award me a prize of him redoing the whole house. A house show would be a blast–of course, I could just ask the people here today to play and I’d be happy as can be. If anyone has suggestions for the 100th guest, let me know.

I’ll just add Holly is a whiz at dishes–she approaches the act of doing dishes, the philosophy of it much like I do. This was my first time to be friendly with a few of these people, but I hope to have them back throughout the year–they are open to community and creation, interesting and interested.  Hopefully Jerry caught his plane, but losing track of time is good too.

Photos by dd and me.

#19 Sean W.
#20 Jerry J.
#21 Cheyenne M.
#22 Priscilla J.
#23 Holly A.
Daniel L.
Katie R.
David D.
Christy R.


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