#24-#25 Snow Day Housewifery

February 2, 2010

Little-known, but not-so-secret teacher snow day tradition: Pancake Pantry lunch. For snow days 1 and 2, that is; for number 3 in a row, I stayed home and invited some teacher friends over. This inviting people over is getting to be a good habit.

Teresa and Jonah came up from Franklin and Susanna came over too. She had a friend coming in town from Birmingham by way of Murfreesboro, but she came later. The girls brought turkey sandwiches, salad and fruit and I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup. The salad bordered on perfection–spinach with nuts and goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Is that what they call a ladies’ salad? Maybe that would have to have strawberries or dried fruit.

What had we all done with our snow days? Aside from cleaning, sledding, reading, and fb, we watched a lot of tv and movies (America’s Top Model marathon, Columbo season 3, and Fame–I’ll let you guess who watched what). If I could continue to be paid, I would definitely be a housewife. Well, I suppose I would have to be a wife first, hmmm. This is just three days at home . . . maybe I should just go back to work.

When Susanna’s friend Candace arrived, the two of them sat so prettily at my breakfast window seats! Candace found a recipe she wanted for a vanilla torte or something in a Cooking Light magazine I had laying out. Since I don’t make desserts, I really hope she will make it and enjoy it. It made me smile that she asked for the pages. Maybe I’m learning to share.

I carried the baby around on my hip (dancing with him) as long as I could, then I worked on the applesauce while Teresa tended to the sleepy and hungry Jonah. It smells like a good candle, but real (the applesauce, not the baby). It was ready just in time to enjoy little cups of fresh hot applesauce with whipped cream before they left.

After that, I spent some nice coffee convo time with Christy at Flatrock Cafe and she came over for dinner before Bible study. Inviting friends over, it’s getting to be a habit, I tell you. And that Flatrock, it’s a small town–I ran into a friend of a friend there and just missed a girl from work.

#24 Susanna S.
#25 Candace W.
Teresa T.
Jonah T.
Christy R.


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