February 21, 2010

I’ve been doing research this month as if I’m the Martian Child learning to be human.

In about seven different homes I’ve spied how people keep their dishes, where they put their mail and if they leave their toothbrushes out. Lamp placement and the amount of seating are topics of my recent keen interest too. One house had lots of plants and art and three couches; another had photos hung all around. One used warm colors and large antiques to fill wide rooms. More than one house used a chest of drawers quite naturally in the living room.

I’m back to hosting this week though. And I’m still looking for your connections to my celebrity 100th guest. Who are you distantly related to? Whose brother-in-law used to live next door to someone back in the day who is now famous, but is still friends with him on Facebook? Come on, people, I want to know.

On that note, last night I entered a restaurant whereupon I was greeted vivaciously by two former students–they literally shouted my name and kind of made a scene for a minute. Someone I was with noted that lots of people are famous within their own lives (don’t worry, you are too, Holly). Thanks for reading this blog–come on over and we’ll be famous together.


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