#26-#34 Happy Birthday with Green Pollo

February 22, 2010

The Birthday Girl

I talked Susanna into letting me host her birthday dinner. I say “talked into” because she is hesitant for anyone to go out of their way for her, but honestly appreciates it when people do. The thing is, she is exactly the person you want to go out of your way for.

She sent me the guest list and when I asked for birthday menu preferences she said “soup or Mexican.” I’ve been wanting to try a menu where people participate in the making–create your own quesadilla, gyoza, omelette, etc.–so for a few days I played around with a taco/quesadilla station plan. It got to be too many people for that this time, so I interpreted a recipe I found recently in a Taste of Home magazine. The recipe was for Mexican pork roast, but I made it with chicken instead because I already had enough in my freezer. Chicken Verde was the result, though I may call it Green Pollo for kicks.

Emily got here first and assembled the Hazelnut Pastries. Other girls brought drinks and chips and salsa and we ate those and the pastries as appetizers. I love how my kitchen is now so integrated into the dining and living space (I also love wearing an apron). I was a little embarrassed that I haven’t yet cleaned out the microwave nor vacuumed the rugs (with the vacuum Dana went with me to pick up!), but everyone laughed and ate and loved just as well without those things being done.

Stories of the perils of Carter's match-making.

Knowing Susanna’s affinity for Latin customs, I got a tres leches cake from the bakery part of La Hacienda just up the street. It is made with three kinds of milk (evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream) which make it soggy in the best way, like custard. Both I and Melissa B. forgot to get candles. When I mentioned it, turns out Susanna had some in her car!

Susanna said her favorite part of the past year was her mission trip to Peru. (Good question to ask on a birthday, Stacey. Was it Stacey? She asks good questions.) Susanna encourages all of us by her serving God and people with all her heart. I have trouble finding the right words at the right moment, so I’m happy I got to show her how much I love her with this little party.

#26 Michelle A.
#27 Isaac A.
#28 Emily K.
#29 Dana M.
#30 Melissa B.
#31 Amy S.
#32 Margaret P.
#33 Stacey P.
#34 Susanna M.
Susanna S.
Laura O.


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