#35-#37 The Katies and the Daniels

February 25, 2010

Daniel is the 7th most popular name for boys born in the 1980s. Katie is 41st for girls, but all forms of Katherine add up to a total that comes in at #5. For the 1970s, Melissa is 3rd for girls and Kim is #611 for boys. (www.ssa.gov) This nerd-data I learned later, after I invited the Katies and the Daniels in my life over for a weeknight dinner. When I found out Kim was planning to attend the same show after dinner as Daniel L. and Katie R. tonight, I asked him too, even though he doesn’t fit the pattern.

Katie S.--not sure what.

Thank you Katie S. for the gift–a lavender diffuser that I have on right now while I’m writing this. I’ve never had grown-up incense like this and it is very cool. Katie R. made dessert–a pan of chocolate peanut butter bars that I’m going to call just that. I hope I didn’t offend her summer camp memories by disallowing the name she had for them.

Daniel S. untweeting.

The Katies agreed to teach each other to knit and crochet and the Daniels talked jargon over our meal of fruited pork chops with dressing and roasted veggies. I split the chops horizontally and put dried fruit inside as well as in a sauce, but it was hard to describe that I kept the fat on to act as a hinge, not to eat. Daniel L. told me that he likes that sometimes he can tell that I leave out things in the blog for whatever reason. So, can you imagine what I have left out this time? You’ll never guess. Mimes, pickles, Freddie Prinze Jr. and the identity of my 100th guest. I think I will announce my intentions to pursue a certain guest soon.

I ended up going to the Waterdeep show with Daniel, Katie and Kim. Daniel used a line of convincing me with which I found no fault, and it is one of his favorite bands from way back (if not his favorite). Seeing them live, I can tell why. Sandra McCracken opened (with a little help from her husband) and it’s always good to hear her voice. I’ll just set my two alarm clocks and enjoy.

This looks like one of those oddball greeting cards based on old photos. What should the punchline be?

Photos by me, ks and kr.

#35 Kim B.
#36 Katie S.
#37 Daniel S.
Katie R. (#10)
Daniel L. (#8)


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