Who comes back?

March 10, 2010

Pete and Repeat were walking across a bridge. Pete fell off. Who was left?

I love repeats. In fact, they are the answer to one of my “Why?” posts. Out of 39 different people this year, 10 people have come over more than once–some three or four times. It tends to be the people I see most often in real life–from work or church or Flatrock or family (or a happy combination). Once I figured out what kind of ingredients to have on hand for last minute invites, it’s become very easy to extend spur of the moment invitations. Maybe most people do this naturally–I have been learning it.

When friends come back I’m not so worried about the curtain on the weird middle bathroom or the uncovered lathe ceiling above the table. They know where to find drinks and Girl Scout cookies, plastic wrap and silverware (that’s not hard–in the only drawer!). I am assured by their return that the first visit was not a fluke, not just to be polite or out of curiosity–my insecurity makes me not able to tell.

We are beginning to get busy with Family Tree Estate Sales for this spring; and, while I love it and could write a whole other blog about it, it will cut out some of my free time. I’m still on track, though, for a grand finale in September or October with about 10 new people  a month. I have about 20 more people I can have over without stretching very far, after that I will need my repeats to bring dates! (?)

If you have tried a recipe from the Recipes page (link on top right), please leave a comment either there or on the dinner post. Let me know what adaptations you made. Katie! Natalie! Susanna!

Postscript: Dump Cake will hereafter be known as Dump Truck Cake.


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