#40 Mixing business and pleasure

March 15, 2010

New staff orientation for Family Tree was held over dinner. We hired two of my friends who had never worked an estate sale before so we wanted to key them in to our policies and philosophy. They were game.

Mom and I told them how we got into the business, some of what we love about it, some of the lessons we’ve learned so far, and our basic philosophy. We told them their job description: meet the customer’s needs to make it easy for them to shop. That is pretty much the same whatever you are selling–from cars to smoothies to Ann Taylor.

I made pulled pork eggrolls with rice and ladies’ salad. I got the pork from Whitt’s on my way home (instead of using Dad’s overnight recipe, but I think the subtlety of his carefully hand-pulled meat would’ve been lost in the hot oil). I added diced red and green peppers and onions to the pork packets and pan fried them in a little oil. I got some dipping sauce from the store, but it was too hot or too vinegar-y or too . . . something. I’ll go back to mixing my own, I think.

After dinner, we made the short drive to the estate sale house where we were still setting up. They both promised they would report for work early Thursday morning so I think our first new staff orientation was a success!

Photo courtesy of Family Tree Estate Sales. “Our Family Serving Your Family.” Yes, we know it’s a sentence fragment.

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Katie R.
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