#41 When is mango season?

April 26, 2010

I’ve been too busy lately with estate sales and my real job to make much of an effort for dinners. I have had girls over for quick Tuesday night meals a few times and some non-dinner people over for coffee and such, but it’s time to get back in business.

When I was hanging out with my new friend and (coincidentally) long-time neighbor Chris the other night, it was easy to ask him over for dinner after I told him about the project. He is one of the most honest and thoughtful (full of thought) people I’ve met in a long time. Whereas I am often at a loss of words with new people, it’s good that he likes to talk as well as appreciates silence.

I made a version of Chicken Verde and we put together sort of veggie quesadillas. Chris  picked at the pan of veggies while the rest was finishing up–said he hoped I didn’t mind. I didn’t mind at all; I like to see people eat their vegetables. He’s thinking of planting a small garden this year and I am excited about the prospects of eating from it this summer. Actually, another one of our neighbors has started a campaign to bring a farmer’s market to Woodbine; keep up with Mary’s efforts at WoodbineFarmersMarket.com.

We had dessert and coffee (how do you tell if a mango is good from the outside?) and talked for a while about various important and unimportant things. When we made plans to do something similar later this week, we agreed it should be sooner rather than later.

#41 Chris S.


One Response to “#41 When is mango season?”

  1. chris surratt Says:

    It was indeed a lovely evening, if only we could solve the mystery of sweet delicious mango. It occurred to me that we should seek the guidance of frozen fruit experts (if we can locate a person with this absurdly random area of expertise). After all, I’ve never tasted a bad bag of frozen mango. These freezers of fruit surely know how to discern the quality of a mango. Perhaps del monte can shed some light on the subject.

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