#42-#45 Lively and Lovely Girls’ Night

April 28, 2010

I just spent the evening with my friend Shannon and her three lively and lovely daughters. Shannon may not know this, but she was the first reader of my first blog. Before that and since then she has been an encouragement in life, love, family, creativity and more. I always want to pick her brain about something, but have rarely found the occasion to do it.

I had most of the food prepped when they arrived–all kinds of things to put inside dumplings to pan-fry: chicken, fish, mushrooms, corn, sunflower seeds, etc. It was a good thing too because it felt like a mile-a-minute once we started. (How does Shannon attend to, feed, and care for them every night? I’m in awe.) Bekah informed me the towel rack came off its rocker, Anna divulged her love of bobby pins and dancing, and Kate wanted to know which room I slept in. That was all before we started making the dumplings!

These are hands-on artsy kids whom I had no doubt would find something they liked on the table and get the hang of wrapping it up. They actually took to it better than when I first had adults make them. Each of us made four or five dumplings and I did them up separately so we didn’t all eat together at first. We did, however, have a pinky prayer together (sorry, Kate for taking your job) and eventually all sat down at the messy table. The food turned out yummy–the fish and sunflower seed combo was surprisingly delicious. I think Bekah about decided she wanted a similar fix-your-own meal for her birthday party. Kate ate a whole container of strawberry Pokey and there some vegetables and fruit consumed also.

After dinner, we played dress-up with the kimono. Although I do not have a princess dress, I do have an extensive costume box. I think the girls were a little confused why I would have dress-up clothes and no children, but they rolled with it. Anna, especially, ended up loving the kimono and the tiny steps and deliberate posture required to wear it. Bekah was less impressed, particularly by the bow at the back of the obi, but at least she didn’t have to wear it in her hair!

The whirlwind ended with nice origami cranes for them to take home and a couple for me to keep. Shannon and I even got in a few words here and there about what to see in Rome, some books we liked, plans for Anna’s homeschooling and relationships.

They left me breathless and happy.

#42 Shannon T.
#43 Anna T.
#44 Bekah T.
#45 Kate T.


One Response to “#42-#45 Lively and Lovely Girls’ Night”

  1. We had a blast! The girls all took their Japanese purses to school with them today to show friends and I have a feeling I’ll be coming up with an Asian themed birthday party in August. Thanks for letting us be some of the 100 guests for dinner! I really enjoyed our time together.

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