#46 Family Surprise “Cookout”

April 30, 2010

I will count Anna Grace when she comes to my house after she's born.

My cousins from South Carolina came in town for a baby shower close to Jonathan’s birthday so Amy wanted to have a little surprise get-together for him. Apparently she can’t keep a secret, but she wanted to try. I offered to host a cookout for family as a surprise for him. I’m using the term cookout very loosely since I do not actually have a grill; I can, however, make an excellent burger on the stove. (There is a secret ingredient that I will tell you if you ask.)

I meant to remember what she said when I took this picture because it was interesting.

Aunt Ruth lost her wallet and Mom ran out of gas (twice), so they were both frazzled when they arrived. (I got them Diet Cokes stat, but couldn’t do much else for them.) Daniel and Evan blew up balloons while Ruth and I worked in the kitchen. She hadn’t been in here since some walls have been gone, so I was happy to show her around. She also got to visit her antique pie safe which I am pie-safe-sitting while she is out of the country. Somehow, I think we did manage to surprise Jonathan and have a good meal.

After birthday cake and ice cream we all sat around talking for quite a while about the new baby, old friends, television, the pros and cons of Facebook and, sadly, bodily functions. Please, don’t ask. Katie just started a new job so she came later and told us all about the cupcake phenomenon!

I do hope everyone has enough gas to make it home.

#46 Ruth M.
Evan M.
Daniel L.
Sue L.
Earl L.
Amy P.
Jonathan P.
Katie R.


One Response to “#46 Family Surprise “Cookout””

  1. Hannah Says:

    I never knew anybody besides me ran out of gas! 😉 Somebody has to do the things I would since I’m not there, I guess. She didn’t get lost too did she? 🙂

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