#47 Back to School, Back to 100 People

August 13, 2010

I took the summer off–from blogging, from hair products, from my alarm clock, from buying real groceries, from some of my senses and more. I went to Italy and Egypt and I worked half a dozen or so estate sales. I breakfasted at Flatrock lots (I mean lots, four to six times a week for a while) and made a few new friends. But this isn’t about me–oh wait, yes it is.

Said all that to say, I’m back. I’ve scheduled a small party in a couple weeks to really get things back on track; but before that, I want to at least hit the half-way point.

It’s game night at my house. If I had a family of my own, we would sure enough have “Family Game Night” just like on the cheesy commercials. More than the games themselves, though, I love sitting around with small group of friends with no other purpose than to enjoy one another’s  company. I really don’t care what the game is as long as it’s not too competitive, intense or strategic that you have to give 100% of your attention to it. That reminds me, several years ago, I played Bunko with a group of twelve girls from work. We had strict rules: visit for one hour, play for one hour and roll as quick as you can. That was a competition! And if I ever crave that again, I can join another Bunko group.

Dinner was supposed to be quick and simple–pulled pork soft tacos, black beans, fruit salad and fresh salsa. I had a bunch of fresh produce on hand and I got Chris to bring tomatoes from his family.  Oh, and I picked up my favorite kitchen shortcut: Whitt’s barbeque (dry). I thought we were set–ha! but no. I nearly ran out of sufficient bowls to hold all the different components! I think everyone took a turn sauteeing something–onions, portobello mushrooms, red and orange peppers. Katie processed the salsa and mashed the avocado for guacamole. Chris put together the guac after carefully considering everything in the spice cabinet (or was that for the mushrooms?) When Katie and Daniel set everything out on the table they literally filled it up with sour cream, cheese, cilantro, lime wedges, salsa, guacamole, mushrooms, onion, peppers, pork, cherries, mango fruit salad, toasted flour tortillas (too much oil made them a a little chewy), chips–all in their own dishes! I thought it was funny that there were so many possible combinations of ingredients, we proudly announced when we made a yummy combo. Eric had been recording with The Nobility all day, so he didn’t get my earlier confusing message about dinner until late. Coincidentally, when we did connect, he was only about five blocks away, so he hopped right over to eat with us.

On to the games–we previously settled on Scrabble, which I’d been wanting to play ever since a strange night of Beatles Trivial Pursuit a couple weeks ago. After clean up (thank you for your help with all those separate dishes!), and when we could not scrounge up a Scrabble game, we tried Catchphrase with an uneven number of people. A u-shaped passing procedure evened out the number of players so-they-say, but I couldn’t think of Christina Aguilara among other things, so the girls lost the first few rounds. Then we made a respectable comeback in the “food” and “sci-tech” categories. After Daniel made sure I knew he wasn’t using the “Katie has to get up early” excuse when they finally had to leave, the three of us remaining played a couple rounds of Uno. While we had to consult the rules a few times because no one had played in a while, we each extolled the virtues of the simple game.

I didn’t win that either, but I told you I wasn’t giving 100% to the games.

#47 Eric S.
Daniel L. (#8)
Katie R. (#10)
Chris S. (#41)


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