#53-#54 Swap Meet

September 12, 2010

Last time every piece of laundry in my house was clean and put away, I counted all the skirts in my closet–there were 88. That week, I acquired three more. Why–you ask? We may need professional help to solve that mystery, but I did have the good sense to schedule this swap party so I’d be forced to sort through them.

(In my inadequate defense, I wear a skirt nearly everyday for work and play. I also buy them almost exclusively at thrift shops. And like most women, they represent a good history of my various sizes and styles over some years.)

Susanna and Katie drew numbers 1 and 2.

Before I lost my nerve to part with some of my collection, I invited a bunch of girls over for a clothing swap. I announced everything not taken would go to Thriftsmart. No one had to bring anything in order to take something, nor did guest have to take anything for that matter. The girls came and brought armfuls and sackfuls of clothing that we hung up and laid out in the front room. I kind of made up the system where everyone drew numbers and went in two minutes apart to choose their first item. Then after everyone had chosen one thing, it was free-for-all and anyone could take as much as she wanted.

It's cool how the same things fit different people so well.

I came to believe in the whole idea of the thing more and more as I prepared and as it went along tonight. Maybe it’s the freedom in giving things away or “freecycling” itself–it made me feel proactive. Though about what, I’m not sure. I read some how-to sites on the internet about clothing swaps and was surprised to find so many ideas out there. There are Sex and the City swaps, events to prevent domestic violence, auction swaps and more. This one was a lot of fun as it was. People trying stuff on and finding out who brought which things was surprisingly entertaining! I picked out a few things, but much less than I got rid of! At the end of the night, we bagged up four large bags and two boxes of good used clothing and accessories to donate. Melody graciously offered to drop off our leftovers at Thriftsmart this week.

We were all posing wearing some of our finds. The candid was better than the posed!

I had two soups that I left on the stove so that people could eat whenever they arrived, or go back to it when they wanted. One was Italian beans and sausage, the other vegetable Thai basil. I’d never tried the Thai kind before, so I was very happy that it turned out tasting just like Thai food. (I think the secret is just coconut and basil!)

It’s one small step in living more simply, one giant leap for community and soup-kind.

Yes, that's me in a new-to-me skirt.

#53 Amanda V.
#54 Melody E.
Katie S. (#36)
Susanna M. (#34)
Katie R. (#10)
Dana M. (#29)
Laura O. (#9)
Margaret P. (#32)
Susanna S. (#24)
Kristen S. (#50)


2 Responses to “#53-#54 Swap Meet”

  1. Ahem. Did my invite get lost in the mail? I love clothing swaps and, like you, wear almost exclusively skirts. Next time? Pretty please? 🙂

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