#55-#58 Sunday Family Lunch with the Grands!

November 7, 2010

It’s been a rough October for me and lots of my loved ones. Come to think of it, the previous two or three Octobers weren’t so hot for some of us either. There were many years in my 20s that I completely hibernated from October to mid-March (with a short break for Christmas); I suppose by those standards, my high contempt for autumn is less unnerving than it used to be.

Whatever the reasons, I lost sight of my goal of 100 People. Though I have been enjoying food in the company of friends and family, I’ve not invited anyone new in some time. Don’t worry–I will finish the 100, but maybe not all in 2010. There, I said it. On a brighter note, I want to host an Caroling Party closer to Christmas–if you are reading this, you are invited, so be thinking about who you can bring!

I took the cold sunshine yesterday as an invitation to explore the downtown Nashville Farmers Market. I was looking particularly for stands with seasonal produce, not the ones with bananas and citrus. Even more than local or organic food, seasonal food is what I’ve learned to love from the Woodbine Farmers Market this year. Plenty of sweet potatoes, squash, greens and apples were everywhere, along with end-of-season tomatoes, peppers, eggplants. I also found great big pots of mums for $5. Afterward, I mini-feasted on lunch from the new Turnip Truck, from a salad bar that is so much more than a salad bar. I would bribe someone for that curry chicken salad recipe.

Enough of my solitary culinary exploits.

My Uncle Sam and Aunt Diana from Virginia are in town this weekend spending some time with the Grands while my parents are on vacation, so I’m having Sunday lunch at my house. Mom’s Sunday lunch is legendary for the food and company. For about five years, it’s been a constant way for our family to stay in easy contact with multiple generations. Extra friends are always welcome to squeeze around the table too. We pass things the wrong way and play an unwritten game we call Bingo.

For this Sunday lunch, Grandpa was able to check out of Bethany for a few hours and Granny felt well enough too join us for lunch–a nice surprise! Even though my home is not entirely wheelchair-ready, Sam and Diana managed to get Grandpa up the front steps and then roll around with few problems. Granny pointed out to him and everyone the (absence of the) closet wall he helped knock down a few years ago. Aunt Diana already encouraged me on Friday evening by asking about several things I had blogged about before–Flatrock and the Clothing Swap, for examples. I was excited that she was excited to be one of the 100!

We went ahead and started eating a little early–though without Daniel and Katie and ice. I felt like the meal was kind of hodge-podge for some reason, or maybe it was just me that was scatterbrained. I served pork tenderloin with squashed squash and roasted broccoli. Grandpa wanted coffee as soon as he got to the table, so I put a pot on and rolled up some Nutella crescents while the others ate. I had been picking at the food while cooking and had too much nervous energy to sit down. Daniel and Katie finally arrived with the ice, but they had to sit on the couch, for there was no room for them at the table. or inn.

For dessert, we ate some combination of 1) Nutella pastries, 2) homemade spicy applesauce, and 3) ice cream. Really, people ordered that way, by number. We didn’t get to hang out much after eating since the Grands needed to get back and Katie (#1) had some cooking for a Bowl Supper tonight.

Just FYI, this was not my best kitchen day ever: I overcooked half of the broccoli to crispy and didn’t realize I was out of lemon juice for finishing it, plus I forgot to salt the squash and I made the coffee really really strong. Good thing the food is not the only thing Sunday lunch means to me.

#55 Diana P.
#56 Leah P.
#57 John P.
#58 Sam P.
Katie S. (#36)
Daniel S. (#37)
Katie R. (#10)
Daniel L. (#8)


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