#59 On the Activities Agenda

November 23, 2010

An alien-theme birthday party, of course. 2006.

A friend of mine’s alter-ego writes a blog called Asking Can Be Fun on which he asks questions (and thereby has the opportunity to have fun). There are currently 341 questions and topics for discussion; one of my (dozens of) favorites is #290: How much energy do you expend trying to convince people significantly younger than yourself that you are cool?” I admit, there have been specific times in my life, I worked hard on this goal. I have cousins who are 11, 13, 17 and 23 years younger than me who I’ve spent sporadic, but important time with. I care that they think I’m cool.

Don't we look just the same? 2008.

I always felt more like an aunt to them than a cousin–when we were together I would plan all sorts of activities. We went to the state fair, Toy Story (I), the opening of the Frist, the Globetrotters, Nemo on Ice, pottery painting, restaurants, parks, crafting, cooking, shopping. . . . Turns out they bought it–they thought I was cool!

We were on punch duty at the Grands' 60th. 2008.


I found this out because this week the 10-year-old Caroline is visiting with her mom, my Aunt Ruth. Cousin Katie, now a “dult” herself, found herself charged with being the Activities Director for her little sis for the week. They had cooking, shopping, swimming,  and (I think) dates with Richard Simmons and much more. Because I wanted to have Caroline over for the 100, I had to get scheduled on the agenda!

Turkey Squash craft by the author of the new blog A New Day Everyday. 2004.

They came over for lunch today and we each constructed our own personal pizzas with a variety of ingredients. I made the homemade dough and sauce before they got there–a simple sauce I’m quite proud of. We had good girl time and the pizza was really good–at least the one I made!

#59 Caroline M.
Sue L. (#17)
Ruth M. (#46)
Katie S. (#36)


3 Responses to “#59 On the Activities Agenda”

  1. Ruth McDonald Says:

    Not only are you cool… you are THE COOLEST!! You convinced your cousins’ mom a long time ago!

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