#60 There are ten keys to my house

January 2, 2011

Somewhere in this hemisphere, there are ten keys to my house. I am assured there are more than that, actually; as key/handle makers make 1000s with the same coding. This was convenient when I wanted three sets with the same code yet a bit disconcerting to think of it now.

Nonetheless, I know where seven of my ten keys are–with me or in the hands of family members. Hannah and Katie, for example, who stayed with me over holidays sometimes in college and Daniel who lets me in when I’m locked out. Those other three, though, I can’t figure out . . . . do you have one?

I asked the cousins over for quick Sunday lunch of simple sandwiches and chips and they arrived before I did. It is a small and unnecessary mystery who let themselves in–several of them have the key, but it reminds me how important it is that there are at least a few people in your life you let in without knocking. Few friends have ever reached this level of intimacy and I’m grateful for them (if I could find those extra keys they might get one), but I’m glad I had a house-full of people today at that level.

We ate ham sandwiches and chips and dip on and around my new (used) living room furniture. Honestly, I lost track of the conversation when I started going through my boxes of old photos looking for ones of Daniel for the obligatory slideshow at Daniel and Katies’s rehearsal dinner. I found old pics of all us cousins, so we passed some around. Ben was there for the first time to eat–he and Hannah had been in town half a dozen times in the last year, but never here for a meal before.

#60 Ben W.
Hannah P. (#5)
Daniel L. (#8)
Katie R. (#10)
Laura O. (#9)
Evan M. (#13)
Katie S. (#36)
Daniel S. (#37)


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