#61 and #62-#63 Spring Clothing Swap

March 20, 2011

What a difference a vernal equinox makes! In the past 24 hours I’ve been up to my elbows in dirt and annuals on the front porch, invented an orange marmalade dessert, and shed pounds and pounds of unwanted clothing (114 pounds, to be exact, though not all mine).

Let me take a step backwards. I hosted a clothing swap last fall and it was so much fun I wanted to do it again. No, that’s not quite right. My house was a wreck about three weeks ago and I was up to my eyeballs in clothes I hadn’t worn all winter. I gave myself a deadline to clean up and ship out (the clothing, that is)–this deadline was the Spring Clothing Swap. I invited a bunch of women and started on the house cleaning.

A friend of mine pointed out oh-so-nicely that I live You decide for yourself.with a lot of clutter. I have four old-timey mantles with knick-knacks all over them, my coffee table functions as catch-all, my halltree is laden with all manner of outerwear and bags . . . you get the picture. He came over Saturday and helped me arrange the “boutique” bedroom and declutter the other areas. He had great ideas for lamps and mirrors and food areas–I was reluctant to have him help, but humbled and grateful by the end. Actually, he bought me flowers in the process (the annuals I planted this morning on the porch) a generous and thoughtful gesture. We ate take-out pizza during a short break, meanwhile debating the merits of odd-numbered decorative items and whether a glass pig-shaped coin bank was cute ironic kitsch or just tacky.

Say Anything. I wish this top (ever) fit me.

People brought fun stuff like jackets, sweaters, shoes, purses, tops, dresses, scarves, jewelry; and it was nice to have it all contained in the bigger front bedroom instead of the sitting room like last time.

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive and place their things, my youngest guest, Bekah, found a pair of shoes that fit her perfectly! It was almost too much to tell her “the rules,” that we would draw numbers to see who could choose first. I think she drew number four, so her selections were safe.

We considered pieces, tried things on (“Amanda, the window is open!”), put them back, took them out

My sister-in-law in the "boutique"!

again, and each ended up with a few goodies to take home. We updated our spring wardrobes, cleaned out closets and had good girl time. Daniel says Katie brought home more than she gave away, but I think that’s okay too. We also donated good used clothing and accessories to Thriftsmart in the name of my alma mater Glencliff High School.

A male friend asked if I thought there was any way a swap would work for men. I said no.

#61 Eddie C. (3/19 for pizza)
#62 Stephanie L.
#63 Ember T.
Katie L. (#10)
Laura O. (#9)
Shannon T. (#42)
Bekah T. (#44)
Melody E. (#54)
Amanda V. (#53)
Bethany S. (#49)


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