So, sometimes on New Year’s Eve I end up painting something–a chair, a wall, flowers in a fireplace . . . . This past New Year’s I got the bright idea to decoupage cut outs of state maps on my living room floor. I diligently cut out states from old road atlases and fit them together in a reasonable shape of the US. Alas, my old roughed up (not in a stylish way) pine floor would need a good cleaning before I could glue them down, so I started scrubbing. I scrubbed inch by inch for hours that day. It was during the cleaning, that this thought came to mind: it’s so clean, I could actually have people over. Wait, had it been almost a year since I had invited friends over? Yes, since I tore out the little bathroom in the spring.

I abandoned the states on the floor plan for this one–Have 100 different people over for a meal over the course of the year. Open up my home to people I call friends. Be ready to offer spontaneous invitations. Live less inside myself. Listen. Play. Give. Well, that’s the idea anyway. Now you know.

Oh–I’m Melissa. Long-time Nashvillian, high school teacher, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, believer, introvert, reader, estate sale organizer, slight home renovator. I’m good at writing cursive and drawing small circles. I usually have good dreams.

It’s taking more than a year. Good thing, too, since some of you reading this haven’t yet come over.


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